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The Evolution of Personal Training 

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Back on Track Physiotherapy

About Us

Prescribed Exercise

This unique Personal Training and Exercise Prescription Program available exclusively at Back on Track Physiotherapy, allows you the opportunity to train with a Physio Phytness Professional.

We raise the bar when it comes to the level of expertise and knowledge utilized to design, develop, and implement effective Exercise Prescription Plans for our Personal Training Clients.  


We also provide our clients the opportunity to train and/or rehab in a comfortable, clean, safe, and sanitized clinical environment that is difficult if not impossible to find or duplicate in a regular gym and/or health club setting.  


Regular Prescribed Exercise is the key to living a long and functional life, adding years to your life and life to your years!


With Prescribed Exercise:

  • You become leaner, healthier, and stronger

  • Greatly improve your core stability, poise, and balance 

  • Relief from pain & nagging injuries 

  • Manage obesity, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis 

What is an Exercise Prescription?

Exercise Prescription offered within the Physio Phytness Program is customized to assist our clients in achieving optimal functional fitness and quality of life. 

Our Physio Phytness Professionals assess and evaluate the client, developing the proper course of Exercise Prescription that can help the individual to become functionally fit and healthy. The exercises that are prescribed include active motion, strengthening, stretching, balancing, and cardiovascular conditioning exercises.

Exercise Prescriptions are continually applied, reassessed, and reviewed to accommodate the changing needs and goals of the client. This has proven to be an exceptional proactive and preventive measure against future health complications and illnesses.

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How Can We Help You

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Personal Training
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Injury Rehabilitation
Core & Flexibility
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Surgery Rehabilitation
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Strength & Balance
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Nutrition Counselling

Why Choose us?

Prescribed    |  Personal  |   Professional

If you are someone who believes in optimal health and functional fitness, you need to exercise regularly. In today’s fast paced lifestyle, it is difficult for many people to commit the time and energy required to self manage a consistent exercise regime. Our Physio Phytness Professionals can help you to stay committed and keep you accountable to a healthy lifestyle. 

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